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  • Feel into a holistic vision for your life, work, and business based on natural principles for freedom and flow. 
  • Copy the process big brands and famous companies use to ensure the success of their commercial products.
  • Find confidence to go beyond comfort zones and leap into fresh possibility no matter what your inner saboteur has to say about it!
"My dream is to empower creative people to be their own best boss and live by their unique signature of success."
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It's time to design your work and life so it sources fulfillment and joy!
You deserve freedom on your terms.
I enable you to reach your impact potential by 
unlocking new answers and illuminating fresh understandings.
Brand Marketer | Cultural Creative | Strategic Planner | Success Coach
Work doesn't have to suck. 
And neither do you.
I was where I thought I wanted to be, but unsatisfied and unhappy. Focused on the wrong goals and majorly stressed. By age 25, I had been laid off 3 times in 3 cities moving my way up to a 6-figure executive position at a creative company in Los Angeles. I hated it. I felt suffocated in a world of my own creation – living paycheck to paycheck spending overtime hours with toxic people. I lied to myself to hide from myself how bad the situation was. The joy was gone and I started worrying about the future and the myriad of life regrets I would have if I didn't breakthrough this trap I had made for myself. 
But, I had loans and debts to pay, lived someplace expensive and still hungered for the finer things I thought only my 70-hour a week job could afford me. In deep anxiety I fretted over what to do.
It was when I realized that I was no longer in control of my own life
that I asked the most important question of all: 
What do I really, really want?
Hear about the impact I am making for others
"Thom is a very smart and innovative creator. An excellent coach providing space to be yet words to challenge every way you live and think."

–R.R., Toronto
“Thom is hands-down one of the smartest marketers out there. His inquisitive nature has always brought results and leaves people thinking, "I wish I thought of that." Thom is not only great to work with, but also shows great integrity in everything he does. Always speaking his mind, pushing for the best work possible, and being honest & truthful. I'm glad I can consider him a good friend after working together.” 

S.H., Singapore
"Thom is the most intelligent person I know. I discovered this through witnessing first hand his wealth of knowledge he had on all things. Not simply companies, trends, but people, their behaviors, and how they think. Thom is kind, thoughtful, an encouraging colleague, as well as friend. It would be a dream to work with him once again."

–I.R., New York City
My job ended, I hit rock bottom and knew that I must exit the trappings of my creation to be free.

I learned tools and techniques that enabled me to realize a life of my dreams...
Over my 8 year journey I have created a location independent freelance career where I receive exciting projects at the top 5% fee range in the market. I've started 6 businesses, earned an executive coaching credential, became a licensed minister, traveled to 8 countries, married my twin flame, established 9 homes in the 3 cities I most wanted to be, and gained time to fully enjoy the luscious, liberated lifestyle I always wanted, all the while making work that counts and makes a positive difference in this world!
…And now it’s your turn.
When I discovered my essence and committed to living my highest calling
I become the winner of my life.
You have that same chance.
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